Semantic Front-End Development

Client’s Needs

Active hired Josh to transform cutting-edge web designs into decoupled front-end builds with an easy adoption for back-end development.


Josh worked both on-site and remotely as a front-end developer for Active, tasked with building front-end projects for Vail Valley Foundation, Steamboat Chamber, and Mission Bay Conference Center. He worked closely with the design team to understand and convey the intent of each design, with particular attention to maintain their integrity. He also worked closely with the back-end development team to create semantic HTML, scalable and modular CSS, and the proper JavaScript interactivity.

Skills Utilized

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS/JQuery

First off, I intend to hire josh over and over. He is one of the best GUI designer/developers I’ve worked with, but more importantly, he is a team player. He is as talented and creative as anyone, and yet he is the first to suspend ego and put in the extra effort to adjust for whatever the client or his peers need. This maturity is an invaluable quality given that most “front end” people have HUGE egos about it. In the end, his ideas usually prevail anyway and his amicable style has a way of inspiring others to respond in kind. In this way, his leadership and diplomacy are priceless. Thank you josh.

- Chad Steel