Paper to Prototype into Web App

Client’s Needs:

Wovo first came to me needing HTML/CSS/JS for an Angular based proof of concept demo. This soon turned into their need for a trusted consultant on the front-end to create a match-making and dating web app.


Working closely with a small team in Boulder to conceptualize wireframe drawings of WOVO. I built the prototype directly from a Bootstrap based foundation. This allowed us to perfect the experience before adding too much high fidelity style. Once we had a fully responsive prototype/website with basic style concepts we moved on to high fidelity design. Altering bootstrap and adding a few custom layouts I snapped the design into the site. Working closely with the the backend programer to keep the development agile we soon had an Angular based web app.

Skills Utilized

  • UI/UX
  • HTML5
  • Sass/CSS3
  • JS/Angular