Award Winning Mobile Web

Client’s Needs:

Crocs™ needed a pair of mobile web based apps to advertise and support different marketing campaigns like “Back to School” and had a tight development schedule. Each app had its own set of challenges including: easing and finesse, spinning objects, dynamic color themes, and panels that snap. They needed to turn their in-house design concepts into functioning mobile web applications.

App One Solution:

As a proof of concept, this project required problem solving on the spot. Using Foundation and Greensock.js as a base, I created out the responsive mobile web app. The spinning wheel was built to spin with you finger or randomized with a button. Once the selected shoe was in view it needed to be clickable to reveal more details and another carousel.

App Two Solution:

For this app I used a combination of Gulp and Sass to create my base frame. Using Sass allowed me to handle complex color theming needed to theme multiple elements in various ways. The fun in that app was a new color theme each time you snapped in a new panel with your finger. The site also allowed client to surf products by color theme.

Crocs™ Digital Spring Look Book Wins Award

Best Design Mobile Website

“Hey Josh, I wanted to share some good news with you on the Crocs Digital Spring Look Book you helped bring to life earlier this year. That project generated a great deal of buzz both internally and beyond so I entered it into a competition called the Mobile Web Award. This morning, I received notice that it won Best Design Mobile Website. Congrats and thanks again for your top-notch work!
Best, Demian”

Skills Utilized

  • HTML5
  • Sass/CSS3
  • JavaScript