Marketing Material Support

Client’s Needs

Bright Cloud Marketing asked Josh to assist their clients with various ongoing marketing campaigns.


Josh worked directly with Bright Cloud’s clients to produce HTML email templates, banner ads, landing pages, and splash imagery. He also kept a schedule to produce these marketing pieces on an ongoing basis. His involvement ranged from inception, creation, and implementation into various CMS or marketing management platforms.

Skills Utilized


In my time working with Josh, I had the privilege of working with a web designer/developer who truly gets “it.” By this I mean, Josh seemingly begins the design process by asking “What is the business imperative that needs to be met, and how does the design perform that function?”
That being the said, I was continually impressed in working with Josh, not only in a design capacity, but also in his ability to successfully meet the business need(s) at hand, and ultimately make the initiative successful.
Beyond that, Josh is a pleasure to work with in both his team-minded approach and general pleasant, easygoing nature.

Chris Kampfe Principal - Search Strategy & Business Development at adVision Marketing, Inc.